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Sounds of the Sahel flowing with the Nile


An artistic endevour based around two world-famous musicians: desert blues man Alhousseini Anivolla from Niger and Girum Mezmur, ethiojazz guitarist from Ethiopia, opening new musical chapters with a diverse set of musicians from around the globe to create fresh and unique musical experience. 

A collaboration from two unlikely regions of Africa. It is an experimental project at the very essence which keeps on still evolving. 

Our music is about interwoven melodies creating a unique sound texture

We create as we go !

 It is not an end product.

Ethno, blues, jazz, folk, african:

World music at its finest!


released on July 3rd 2020

"Forging new African music"

(Songlines, 8/ 2020)


"A breath of fresh air"

(Rhythm passport 7/2020)


 "Virtuosic and inspiring demonstration of artistic exchange, togetherness and commonality" 

(Greedy for best music 7/2020 )

"Intertwining solos and nicely snakey grooves!

...A really seductive feel" 

(Dusty groove 07/2020)


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