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This project is about music, friendship and creation.

We meet regularily wherever in the world and bring our experience together, to create, perform and record.  We jam and invite other musicians to join us.

Our vision

Creative african artists 

Global exchange on the african continent

A rich and mobile cultural scene within Africa


​​Our project is based on the pentatonic scale, the world's oldest sound system.

Our music is interactive and flowing it takes it own course, full of surprises and innovations.

We target people who love good music and local communities, local musicians and artists.


We want people in Africa to be proud of their culture,

music and traditions.  


we perform worldwide, offer masterclasses in desert blues and ethio jazz, are conference speakers, do workshops. we entertain new approaches to cultural sponsorship.



Bubu Atheneh

Barago Antheneh (Bubu) is a reclaimed bass krar player in the current ethiopian music scene.

Girum Mezmur

Girum Mezmur is a guitarist who has grown to become one of the leading musicians in the current Ethiopian music scene. As a guitarist, Girum has performed with the Who’s Who of Ethiopian music.

Alhousseini Anivolla-Anewal

Alhousseini Anivolla is representing since 2004 the rich cultural heritage of the nomadic tribes from Niger around the world. As a bandleader of the world-famous nomad blues band Etran Finatawa, he became a cultural ambassador of his country performing on all major world music stages of the world.

Misale Legesse

Misale Legesse, talented percussion player convinces with his overwhelming percussion soli on djembe and calebash.

Ayele Mamo

Veteran mandolin player Ayele Mamo, a veritable living legend who has had a defining role in shaping the sound of Ethiopian popular music of the ’50s, both as a mandolin player and a song writer. Sadly Ayele Mamo passed away in 2022. RIP

Habtamu Yeshambel

Habtemu Yeshambel, one of the most talented masinko player of the current ethiopian music scene.

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